4501 Hoffman Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72209
Phone: (501) 562-4482

PPATA Staff Members

Don Havens | Training Director
Office: 4501 Hoffman Road, Little Rock, AR 72209
Phone: (501) 562-4482
Email: dhavens@ppata.com

Lisa Curry | Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
Office: 4501 Hoffman Road, Little Rock, AR 72209
Email: lcurry@ppata.com
Phone: (501) 562-4482


Drew Harrison | Chairman of the Trust, Management Trustee
Bruce Graves | Labor Trustee
John Fitzpatrick | Management Trustee
Jo Kinley | Administrator Mechanical Contractors Association of Arkansas

Mike Malone | Management Trustee
Clint Morris | Labor Trustee
Jim Ryan | Business Agent for Local Union 155


Little Rock

Colton Anderson | Alternate/Substitute Plumbing, Little Rock
Rommie Atkinson | Plumbing, Little Rock
Tracy Carkeet | Alternate/Substitute HVACR, Little Rock
Charles Caudle Sr. | 4th and 5th year HVACR, Little Rock
Kathryn Deen | Plumbing/Pipefitting, Little Rock
Alan Holmes | 2nd and 3rd year Pipefitting, Little Rock
Paul Johnson | 2nd and 3rd year Plumbing, Little Rock
Doug Mays | 2nd and 3rd year HVACR, Little Rock
David Singleton | 4th and 5th year Pipefitting, Little Rock
Josh Tingle | 1st year Pipefitting, Plumbing, and HVACR, Little Rock


Delano Denton | Plumbing instructor, Camden

El Dorado

Kevin Hansen | Pipefiitting, El Dorado
Shane McDonald | Night Shift instructor, El Dorado
Michael Moore | Welding, El Dorado
Mark Sawyer | Welding, El Dorado
Matt Shankle | Pipefitting, El Dorado
John Swint | Welding, El Dorado
Randy Williams | Welding, El Dorado

Van Buren

Vince Huggins | Welding/Pipefitting, Van Buren
Dave Kinsey | HVACR, Van Buren
Chris Linson | Plumbing, Van Buren